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Golden View Nursing Home

Golden View Care Home operates as a designated Discharge to Assess unit, providing a period of assessment for individuals who are medically fit to leave the hospital but not physically fit to return home. Led by registered manager Katie Evans and supported by a dedicated management team, Golden View offers a range of services to promote independence and assist with daily living activities. The nursing team, comprising registered nurses and Nursing Assistants, ensures comprehensive medical care. Care Staff, including Senior Care Assistants and Care Supervisors, provide monitoring and support, while a team of support staff handles maintenance, domestic tasks, and administration. Additionally, the home employs Activity Assistants to ensure residents enjoy their time at Golden View Care Home.

Comprehensive Care Solutions at Golden View Nursing Home

Our home is owned and managed by a dedicated group of nurses with more than 10 years of experience in acute care settings and nursing homes. This wealth of experience equips us with invaluable insights into providing top-notch care to our residents. With our team of fully trained and compassionate staff, we are committed to helping residents maintain good health, dignity, and respect for their wishes, choices, and preferences.

Supportive and Comfortable Environment

We take pride in offering a supportive and comfortable environment at Golden View Nursing Home. Our homely and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for a warm and inviting community where residents feel safe, valued, and at ease. Whether it’s enjoying social activities with fellow residents or simply relaxing in the comfort of their own space, our residents can experience a sense of belonging and well-being throughout their stay.

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